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Investment Opportunities

Myrtle Beach Medical Office Building - JD Rogers Development

With a history of maintaining assets of over 10 million dollars for McDillon Holdings, Jon Rogers and JD Rogers Development has embarked on a new path and life-long dream to provide similar services on a more local basis.  JDR’s efforts are now spent locating distressed or undervalued residential and commercial properties and developing them to maximize their potential and the return to their investors.

A high-return investment in real estate development depends on three primary factors: an in-depth understanding of the market, smart land acquisition, and a premium-quality build that places the structure in a class of its own.

Myrtle Beach Medical Center
Myrtle Beach Medical Offices Interior
Cornelious Nursery, Katy Texas
Myrtle Beach Medical Offices Interior

Applying these principles over the past 30 years, Jon Rogers has invested in and developed an assortment of real estate investments ranging from:

  • A multi-million-dollar historic restoration

  • The reconstruction of mixed-use commercial properties in Norwalk, CT

  • The development of residential subdivisions in Oxford and Newtown, CT

  • The successful turn-around of a 30,000 square foot medical office building in South Carolina

All told, Jon Rogers was involved in the development of over three hundred projects on the East Coast and currently owns two showcase properties in the South and Southwest US.

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